Email FAQ
    A: Please login to our control panel and “Add email account”, you may refer to the server configuration file we’ve sent to you when you signed up the service.
    A: No, the control panel can only login by the Administrator who has the Control Panel login name and password.
    A: Yes they can, they just do not have the same rights and permissions as the A: Yes you can, just head to Please note that any mail not downloaded from the server will count against your mail quota.
    A: Our SMTP servers require our users to authenticate themselves before allowing them to use it. This policy is in place to prevent abuse of Hostpro2u's servers by unscrupulous users particularly spammers. To authenticate yourself, either do
    • DSN Name
    • Database Path e.g. c:\inetpub\\data\abc.mdb Note: we suggest that you put your database file into data directory instead of wwwroot (which is your web root directory)
    A: Send an email to Please include a sample of the spam email including the email headers. Include the offending email and its headers in your email.
    A: This could be due to a broken network connection while you were downloading your mail previously. As a precaution, the mail server will save all mail downloaded during a broken connection to prevent any mail from being lost.
    A: Yes, the user’s email will be deleted.
    A: The emails will be deleted when you delete the email account.
    A: Yes you can. Contact us and ask for a Catch-All account. This will send all mail destined for non-existing email users in your domain to a single account which you can define.
    Yes, you may login to, click “Settings” < “Auto-Responder”, tick “Enable auto-responder”, click “Auto-Responder Message” tab to enter your message and click “Save”

    Yes, you may login to, click “Settings” < “Account Settings” < “Forwarding”, enter the email address at “Forwarding Address” field, tick the “Enable deletion of messages on forward” if you do not want to receive the message after forwarded.
    A: Aliases are virtual email accounts. When you create an alias all mail destined for that alias will be forwarded to your email account. Aliases must be in the form *@your.domain.
    A: There are several reasons for this:
    • A user using POP3 client software like Outlook can set it to read and download email but still store a copy of the mail on the server to be accessed in the future.
    • Users use our webmail feature only, but they do not delete any emails or download it.
    • Some web mail providers, like Hotmail, allow users to grab mail from our servers and still keep a copy on the server. Therefore the mail server still has a copy of mail that has been read/downloaded.
    A: To free up your email server space, you need to educate all your users to NOT leave a copy of read mail on the server. This way, once you login into the e-mail server, you will download the emails and clear up the disk space. Normally, the leave mail on server feature is disabled in most email softwares. In Outlook Express, under Account->Properties->Advanced, there is a check box for "Leave a copy of messages on server". Please uncheck it to stop leaving mail on the server. The other option is to delete the mail through webmail. Mails deleted in webmail are removed PERMANENTLY.
    A: Yes, you can. You will need to do the following:
    • Change your Technical Contact to Hostpro2u. Instructions are available in the MyNIC Related Questions section of this FAQ.
    • We will set up the DNS records in our name servers and put in your existing MX record.
    • Once everything is ready, we will make the necessary name server changes with MyNIC
    • Upon confirmation of the name server changes, you will need to contact and request a fallback account. You will also need to prepare your internal email gateway to support POP downloads
    • Do a last download of your UUCP email, once that is done inform Hostpro2u and we will change your DNS MX records once that is done. Please note that for this step you will have to inform us beforehand to coordinate our efforts
    A: The following option is a master or catch-all account where you have one internal mail server located at your office which is not online all the time, but will retrieve mail from our mail server at set intervals using the master or catch-all account with a single login and redistribute the email locally at your office. 

    To setup "Master/Catch all" account with Hostpro2u: 
    • Create a normal e-mail account via This will be your "Master/Catch All" Account.
    • Write an email or call our support team and tell us that you need to set "Master/Catch All" account for the e-mail account that you have just created. Our support team will immediately enable this feature for your domain.
    • Setup your internal mail server to meet your requirement that retrieve mail form our mail server and redistribute to your local e-mail account.Please note that Setup of your internal email server is not supported by Hostpro2u Microsoft Exchange
    Microsoft Exchange server does not have the feature to pull mail from another e-mail server. Therefore you need to install additional software to handle this option. We have a number of successful setups by our clients with PopBeamer.

    Besides Microsoft Exchange with Popbeamer our clients have also informed us that they have successfully used the following software:

    SendMail for Unix - 
    Merak - 
    Mdeamon -
    A: We accept the following form of payments below.

    Friendly Payment Methods:

    1.Direct Deposit / Bank Transfer (“We like this way a lot” JJJ)
    • Account Name: E-global Innovative Sdn Bhd
    • Maybank Account Number : "5127-6311-4118"
    • Write your company name, invoice number and domain name on the bank-in slip and fax it to 03-78057922 or email to

    • 2. Pay via Credit Card (“If you lazy to move around” JJ) 3.Pay via PayPal (“They said shopping made easier”J)
      • Send the payment to